The value in the 'Direct Purchase Value' column of the Stock Reconciliation report should be equal to the Receiving Transfer Items by Date report.

The Receiving Transfer Items by Date report should be run based on when your hotel's stock take period begins and ends. For example, if you close your previous month's stock take today at 12:00 noon, the upcoming month's stock period will begin from today at 12:01pm until you start your next stock take.

How do I avoid time-consuming report comparisons?

Receive your Purchase Orders/Invoices and complete all required transfers before you begin your stock take, and avoid any receiving or transfers during your stock take.

Note - Do not mark any transfers as complete during your stock take. Instead, leave them as open and complete them once your stock take is closed.

We also recommend starting and completing your stock take in the shortest timeframe possible to reduce the likelihood of discrepancies occurring.

For detailed information of Month End & Stocktaking, please follow the help guide: Month End Process & Processing Stock Takes

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