To set up Approval Workflows, you can first go to [Settings], [Approval Workflows] and click on [Workflows].

Find out more about Creating an Approval Workflow here.

The option to 'Skip approval if over max value' allows workflows to be streamlined. By enabling this for one of your roles it means that they may be skipped depending on the amount of the Purchase Requisition. When a PR goes into workflow, the amount will determine who needs to approve it before it becomes a Purchase Order.

The option is available when creating or viewing any of your Approval Workflows.

By selecting 'Skip approval if over max value' this means that only one level of approval is needed unless approval is compulsory at lower levels.

In the example above, if the Purchase Requisition value is over 1,000 then the 1st rank ('Executive Chef') will be skipped and it will just be sent to the 2nd rank ('Purchasing Manager') for approval. If the value was over 5,000 and it is 'Compulsory' that the Executive Chef approve the Requisitions, then the approval would go to the 1st rank, skip the 2nd rank and go straight to the 3rd rank ('General Manager') for approval.


  • This option is by default, not selected for any existing workflows

  • By selecting this option Purchase Requisitions already in the workflow will not be changed

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