Why are my Invoice line items unlinked?
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Invoice line items come through as unlinked for the following reasons:

  • A Purchase Order does not exist for the invoice.

  • The Purchase Order has not been linked to the Invoice or was linked after the invoice was created in Purchase Plus.

  • The Suppliers' product code is missing or does not match:

  • The Supplier has assigned the same product code to a number of items in their catalogue.

  • The product ordered and the product received are not identical (i.e. there is a discrepancy in the item description or pack size on the invoice compared to the Purchase Order). By linking these now, Purchase Plus will recognise future Purchase Order and Invoice combinations and attempt to auto-link moving forward.

Note - It is vital that you link your invoice line items to the corresponding Purchase Order line item for good data quality in your snapshots. Unlinked products will display the Suppliers' product description and may cause confusion when comparing any of the following snapshots - Product Spend by Supplier, Supplier Spend by Product or Invoice Spend by Product.

Invoices with unlinked items can still be approved by your Operational and Financial Approvers for reconciliation.

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