1. After you have logged in to AStore Shop, you will view the shopping page with all the products listed.

2. To start ordering, click on the [Add to Cart] button next to the item.

3. By default, 1 quantity will be added to the Shopping Cart. Adjust the Quantity according to your needs, by clicking the [-] or [+] icons.

4. The [Shopping Cart] icon on the right top, will show the item quantity and amount.

5. Click on the [Shopping Cart] icon to view the total items purchased.

You may adjust the quantity on this page before you proceed to the checkout.

6. There are three [Action] icons, next to each product:

7. If a supplier has set a [Minimum Order Value], a message will be displayed to you, stating that your order is under the minimum order value.

You can either add more products from the supplier to your Shopping Cart, by clicking [Continue Shopping], or remove the items from your Shopping Cart, by clicking the [bin] icon.

8. Select [Continue Shopping], if you like to add more items to your order, otherwise select [Checkout] to submit the order.

9. On the [Checkout] screen, select the [Delivery Date] (defaulted is set as next day) and the [Address]. These two fields are compulsory.

10. Enter any [Reference] and/or [Comments], if any. These two are optional fields.

11. Select [Submit Order], to send the Order to the supplier.

To raise another order, select [Continue Shopping], or click on [View Order] to view the sent order.

12. Click on the [Order ID] to view the order details.

13. Click on the [back arrow] to go back to the order listing, or click on [ASTORE SHOP] logo to go back to the shopping page.

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