'Punchout' is a mechanism by which Purchase Plus makes it possible for a Buyer to access a Supplier's website from the Buyer's instance of Purchase Plus.

As part of this process, the Buyer leaves ("punches out" of) Purchase Plus and enters the Supplier's web-based catalogue. This launches the Supplier’s website within the Buyer’s browser frame. The Buyer browses the web-based catalogue and adds items to the shopping cart while both applications maintain their connections. No orders are sent to the Supplier when the user checks out from the supplier’s punchout site. Instead, the shopping cart with the selected items is brought back to Purchase Plus.

After the shopping cart is returned, the Buyer proceeds through their normal workflow steps, which may include adding additional items to the requisition, cancelling or editing the requisition, submitting the requisition, or discarding the requisition. An order is not submitted to the Supplier until the Buyer has actually submitted their Requisition for approval and the subsequent Purchase Order has been sent from Purchase Plus.

Why do all Suppliers not offer punchout?

Although it appears relatively simple, the process behind setting up a punchout connection can be time-consuming and requires extensive development and testing. All punchout requests must be submitted to your Supplier directly, who will in turn liaise with Purchase Plus if this is something they would like to explore.

I am a Supplier who wants to use punchout, what next?

Please reach out to our team on [email protected], and we can explore the potential timeline of work involved.

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