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By creating a Punchout Requisition, you can use the full functionality of a supplier's website to order your goods. The item information will automatically populate for you in Purchase Plus to continue through your normal Approval, Receiving, Invoice and Payment processes.

1. In [Documents] [Requisitions] click on [+ Requisition]

2. Select 'Punchout' from the [Use Products From] and 'Bunzl' from [The List] then click [Save].

3. The Bunzl Outsourcing website will then automatically open. Order as you normally would, searching the desired items by searching or clicking shop by category, adding a quantity and then adding them to your basket and when finished, finalising your order.

4. If you are happy with your Order, click [the shopping cart] and then [View Cart].

If you are happy with your cart click [transfer cxml cart] to finalise your order and return to Purchase Plus, if you want to add more items to your cart click [Continue Shopping].

5. Click [Click here to view your requisition on PurchasePlus].

6. The items you selected from Bunzl's website will now appear in a new requisition. When you are ready to continue the normal process of approval, sending, receiving and invoicing, click [Submit].

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