Note - You are still required to Receive Purchase Orders even though Electronic Invoices have been received for the Purchase Order. See Receive Goods against a Purchase Order and Create a Manual Invoice against a Purchase Order

Electronic Invoices that don't match a Purchase Order or Invoices of any kind that fail the 3-way match system will be 'flagged' for further approval. 

You can only approve a Flagged Invoice if you have been given Financial or Operational Approver Status. It is strongly recommended that invoices are reviewed by the responsible individuals on a one-by-one basis to confirm that the expenditure is warranted and approved.

1. In [Documents] [Invoices] select the [Flagged Invoices] tab. 

Find the Invoice you want to reconcile and click the [Approve] button in the Operational or Financial Approve columns (whichever you have Approver Status for.)

Note - Flagged Invoices will not be sent to Reconciled Invoices until both Operational and Financial Approval has been actioned. Your Flagged Invoice has now been sent to Reconciled Invoices.

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