1. In [Documents] [Purchase Orders] find the Purchase Order you wish to create the Invoice against and click on the [Receiving Note].

Note - If there are no Goods Received number in the [Receipts] column, you will first have to Receive the Goods against the Purchase Order. See: Receive Goods against a Purchase Order

2. By default, Purchase Plus will autopopulate the 'Quantity Received' column with the full item count. If you haven't received all items, amend the count before clicking the [+ Invoice] button, as this will mark the populated quantity as received. Once ready, click on the green [+ Invoice] button.

3. Input Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Total (including tax), and Invoice Tax Total, then click [Save].

4. Review the Invoice Header to ensure that all fields are correct. We recommend scanning your paper invoice and saving it in Purchase Plus using [Attachments] tab and then clicking the green [+ Invoice Attachment] button.

5. If the Invoice Amount and Tax Amount on the top right of the header do not match invoice product line totals, amend the prices and/or quantities on the invoice product lines. 

Note - In the Calculated Totals line, unmatched totals are marked red, and matched totals are marked green.

Once all the totals and lines match, the Calculated totals will all be marked green, and the [Complete] button will appear.

6. Press the [Complete] button when ready. 

Note -  If the Purchase Order totals, Invoice totals, and Goods Received quantities match, the Invoice will move to the [Reconciled] Invoices tab ready to be processed.

If the Purchase Order totals, Invoice totals, and Goods Received quantities don't match after pressing [Complete], the Invoice will be 'Flagged' which can be found in the [Flagged Invoices] tab. See: Approve Flagged Invoices

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