Congratulations on your merger, such an exciting time for all involved!

The practical steps that are required to merge your Purchase Plus account into a new organisation/account are outlined below. Please note, in some cases, not all of these steps will be applicable to your merger/accounts.

Stage 1 - Your (Supplier) preparation

  1. Advise your Buyers of the upcoming merger, including any implications associated with ordering, contact details, accounts payable, new office/warehouse location.

  2. Advise Purchase Plus of the upcoming merger, please give at least 30 days notice. The Supplier Relationship Manager will organise a meeting to review this action plan with you and any other required key team members from your company.

  3. Set up a new account with Purchase Plus for the new organisation (the old accounts can be relocated under this new account as a 'Parent/Child' relationship if required. This function allows the old accounts records to remain available for reports, purchasing history, etc).

Stage 2 - Your Buyers required actions

  1. Engage your Reps to reach out to your Buyers to discuss the merger, and request they perform the following tasks:

  • Add/edit a new Supplier in the AP hub (this action will ensure your new organisation receives payments from your Buyer).

  • Enable the new Supplier when it is time to begin ordering from the new account.

  • Communicate the merger information to the relevant departments heads.

  • Ensure last orders are placed with the old account as per your requirements, and first orders are placed with your new account as advised.

Stage 3 - Your (Supplier) required actions

  1. Export a full Buyer list from your existing account (the account that is being merged).

  2. Using the Buyer export as a reference, add Buyers into the new Purchase Plus account, assigning Purchaser/customers numbers if required.

  3. Assign Customer Delivery Outboxes of Buyers in the new Purchase Plus account.

  4. Copy/export Catalogues from the old account (following the guide from Steps 1 - 3).

  5. Import Catalogues into the new account (following Steps 4 - 6 in the guide).

  6. Assign Trading Catalogues to the Buyers in the new account.

  7. Enable Buyers when ready to go live with the new account.

  8. Set up New Supplier User Account with logins, if required, in the new account.

  9. Add new Rebate Profiles to the new account and assign Buyers, if applicable (Please note - Accor Buyers/Suppliers; this will be managed by Purchase Plus Accor Manager).

Purchase Plus team actions

  1. Advise all customers of the merger, advise the new account name and dates (via a pop-up in Purchase Plus, running for an agreed upon time frame).

  2. If applicable, move accounts which will be deactivated, under the new 'parent' account for future access to reports, purchasing history, etc.

  3. Deactivate old accounts as per the Suppliers time line advice.

  4. Ensure all Supplier's users have access to the new account.

  5. Remain in contact throughout the process, ensuring the transition is smooth, and that the merger go-live date is updated if any changes.

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