A credit note or an invoice needs to be in ‘processing’ state, for it to be included in the Accounts Payable file.

Automated transfer of invoices to Accounts Payable System::

If you’re using an SFTP folder to import your Accounts Payable file to your accounting system, please follow the instructions in this article, Can I re-open a Cancelled or Processed Credit Note?

Manual transfer of invoices to Accounts Payable System:

If you do a manual importing of your Accounts Payable file, please resend the Credit Note to your accounting system, and it should be visible in the ‘Processing’ folder.

1) To resend, click onto the Credit Note [Document Number]. The Credit Note details will be visible.

2) Then select [Resend] from bottom right of the Credit Note.

3) Once the Credit Note is in the 'Processing' state, create the Accounts Payable file and the document should be included in this file upload.

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