1. Go to [Documents] [Requisitions] then click [+ Requisition].

2. In the pop-up window, choose Informal Requisition from the [Use Products From] dropdown box. This option will allow you to free type the product description and pricing for products that are not listed in a Supplier catalogue.

3. Check the Delivery Address, Delivery Date, and choose whether it’s an order that you need to send to a Supplier. Then click [Save].

Note - By default, the [Send to Supplier] checkbox will be ticked, which means the order will be sent to the Supplier. If you untick the [Send to Supplier] tick box, the [Send] button must still be pressed on the Purchase Order so that the information is captured in Purchase Plus - and processed in order for the Supplier to be paid - but a physical copy of the order will not be sent to the Supplier.

4. When you are taken to the Requisition, check to make sure the requisition header fields are correct and make any changes where necessary.

5. Click the green [+] button to add an informal line.

6. Search for the product/service you would like to add to the Requisition using the Search for product field.

Note - Preferably you should try to reuse a description if you have bought the same product/service before. Please go to Step 7 if you are able to locate an existing description you can use, otherwise skip straight to Step 8 to create a new description.

7. If you find the product description you would like to use, select the description fill in the price, tax, quantity, and Supplier fields, then press 'Enter' on your keyboard. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to add multiple informal requisition lines.

8. If you can't find the product from the search, click the green [+] button next to the search for the product field.

9. In the New Requisition Line pop up, fill in the details of the product/service. Click [Save] when done.

10. Complete the price, tax, quantity, and Supplier fields, and then press 'Enter' on your keyboard. Repeat Steps 8, 9, and 10 to add more products to the description that could not be found in your current listing of products.

11. Press the [Submit] button when ready to proceed.

Your Informal Requisition has now been sent for Approval. Once approved, the Purchase Order(s) created from the Requisition will need to be sent. (See: Send Purchase Orders)

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