If you have a product that is over stocked in your storeroom, or you don't want to reorder the product for some time, there are several ways of stopping the product from being ordered again in error.

Order via [Stock Location] source instead of [Buy List], as below.

Note: the venue must have the Inventory module implemented and the par levels for each product must be set in the stock location for this option.

1. From [Dashboard], go to [Documents] [Requisitions], click on the green [+ Requisition] icon.

2. In the pop-up window, from [Use Products from] drop down list, choose [Stock Location], from [The List] drop down list, choose the stock location of your choice.

3. In the body of the Requisition, you will notice [Stock level quantity], [Stock level Par Level], and [Stock level Reorder Level].

This function makes it very easy to order according to your current stock level, if there is an over stock in this location do not order any more of this product.

Please check out this article for more information, How do I enter or update Par levels?

Another suggestion is to disable the product from the Buy List.

Note: the venue must be currently ordering via Buy Lists for this option to work.

1. From [Dashboard], go to [Catalogues] [Buy Lists]. Type the name of the Buy List, where the product is, in the search field. When the Buy List you are after appears, click on the little [View] icon on the Buy List line.

2. Inside the Buy List, find the product you want to restrict, and click on the little 'cog' icon on the product line.

3. On the pop-up window, deselect the 'Enabled' check boxes, this disables all Suppliers for that product.

Note: when you want to start ordering this product again, remember to enable.

If Punchout orders are being used for this product, a final suggestion would be to make the department/finance head the final compulsory approver in the workflow.

This is so the orders can be checked, and the product removed if it has been ordered in error again. Check out Attach an Approval Workflow to a Department, or Creating an Approval Workflow for more information.

As a manual reminder, you can have a short conversation with your Purchasing Team, and put a big sign on the product in the storeroom reminding team members not to order this product for a defined period.

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