Yes, you sure can! A new filter called 'Only items in destination?' has been added to Internal Requisitions screen.

By default, the filter is off, to activate the function, tick the checkbox to activate the function, tick the checkbox for every new Internal Requisition, as shown below. The purpose of this new function is to guide the user as to what items should be transferred from one location to another.

1. From [Dashboard], go to [Documents] [Requisitions], click on the green ‘+ Internal Requisitions’ button.

2. In the pop-up, choose the ‘Origin’ from the drop-down, this is where the stock is to be transferred from. From the ‘Destination’ drop down, select the location that the stock is to be transferred to. Select the date of the required transfer from the little ‘calendar’ icon, and press [Save].

(Note - the destination cannot be the same as the origin).

3. In the body of the Internal Requisition, click the ‘Only items in Destination?’ check box to activate the function. Fill in required quantities of stock, and click [Submit] once done, as normal.

Please check out this article for more information, Create an Internal Requisition.

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