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Enter or Update par levels in Inventory?
Enter or Update par levels in Inventory?
In this section, we will show you how to update par levels manually and via the import function.
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For access to the Par Level function in Purchase Plus, your organisation needs to have implemented the Inventory module (see here) and Point of Sales Integration (see here).

Par levels, stand for Periodic Automatic Replacement, a minimum level of inventory you need on hand.

There are two ways to input and update Par levels to your inventory in Stock locations.

Manual input

To Manually input/update Par Levels, please follow the below steps.

  1. From [Dashboard], go to [Inventory] [Stock Locations]. Click on the name of the Stock Location, where the product is located.

2. Inside the Stock Location, click on the [edit] icon on the line of the product.

3. On the pop-up screen, type the desired Par level into the par level field, and also enter a reorder level if required, click [Update] or press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard. Or use the arrow up and down action to enter/edit quantities, and click [Update].

To edit existing Par Levels, please follow the same steps above, and enter the new quantity.

Import Par Levels

To input Par levels via Import, please follow the below steps.

Note: The import function only updates the Par Levels. Reorder Levels need to be updated manually.

1. From [Dashboard], go to [Inventory] [Stock Locations]. Click on the name of the desired Stock Location.

2. Inside the Stock Location, click on the [Stock Level Exports] tab.

3. Click on the green ‘+' button and on the pop-up screen, click [Save] to create a new export of that location. Wait for a few moments, then refresh the screen and the state of the file will show as 'complete’. Click on the file name to download the export.

4. The file will pop up on the bottom left-hand side of the screen, as below. Click on the file to open it.

5. On the exported file spreadsheet, enter the desired PAR (column I) per product.

6. Once completed, save the file as .CSV.

7. In Purchase Plus, return to the same Stock location.

8. Click on [Stock Level Imports] and [+]. Click ‘Browse’ to upload the file you have saved.

9. Give it a few second and refresh your screen. The state column will show if the import is completed, or it failed. If it fails, you will see a link in the ‘Import error file name’. Click on the link, and the screen will show the information that failed. Repeat the process to successfully upload any failed file.

10. Click on [Stock Levels] tab, you will see Par level are now updated with quantities.

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