1. In [Documents] [Requisitions], click on [+ Requisition].

2. In the pop-up window, from the [Use Products From] drop-down, select 'Buy List'.

3. From [The List] dropdown, select one of the Buy Lists on your account.

Note - Buy Lists are usually organised by category of product, so if you're unsure, just type to start searching the type of product you want to order (i.e. beverage).

If you have not created a Buy List yet, see: Create a Buy List.

4. Double-check that the Delivery Address and the Delivery Date is correct, or adjust as required. By default, the [Send to Supplier] checkbox will be ticked. Deselect the checkbox if the Purchase Order does not have to be sent to the Supplier. Then click [Save].

Note - If you deselect the [Send to Supplier] checkbox, the [Send] button must still be pressed on the Purchase Order for the information to be captured in Purchase Plus, and in order for the Supplier to be paid.

5. In your newly generated Requisition, check that the [Department] and [Account] code in the header of the document are correct.

Add the quantity in the [Quantity] column of the products you want to order, taking into account the package size of the product.

Then press 'Enter' on your keyboard to save the quantity entered for each product.

Note - Purchase Plus displays 25 products per page. Use the Search for Product Code and Search for Requisition Lines fields or the page skip buttons on the bottom left of the product column to locate products that are not on the first page.

6. For products that have more than one quote, Purchase Plus always defaults to the cheapest. You can change the Supplier by clicking in the [Supplier] field and choosing a different Supplier from the dropdown, then press 'Enter' to save the change.

If you decide to purchase from a non-default Supplier, Purchase Plus will calculate the [Premium] displayed in red. This is the price difference between buying from this Supplier compared to the cheapest. Note that this does not take delivery charges into account.

7. Click the [Submit] button when ready to proceed.

Your Buy List Requisition has now been sent for approval. Once approved, the Purchase Order(s) created from the Requisition will need to be sent. See: Send Purchase Orders

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