Yes, you sure can. However, if you have a large note or a lot of product lines this will take a lot of time, it might be best to email or call the Supplier directly in that case.

You can also write the supplier a comment within the Purchase Requisition body, in two different sections.

Please follow these steps to write a note on the first page of the Purchase Order section:

1. From ‘Dashboard’, go to [Documents], [Requisitions]. Click on the green [+Requisition] button.

2. In the pop-up window, fill in the details as normal, and record the note in the 'Reference' section, as below, click [Save], and continue to place the order as normal.

Or, to write a note within the Purchase Requisition body, follow these steps:

3. After completing the above steps, once within the Purchase Requisition body on the product line, click on [Order instructions] drop-down, write a short note, press [Enter] on your keyboard to save the note.

Note: there must be a quantity recorded on the product line for the note to save.

Or, to write a longer note, follow these steps.

4. Click on the [Comments] tab, as below, record the note, click on [Save] to save the note.

5. If the note is for internal use only, such as for Finance or the Purchase Requisition approver, tick the 'Internal' check box, as circled below, otherwise leave it deselected.

The note is now on its way to the supplier as a comment on the Purchase Order.

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