If the informal product is not already listed under [My Informal Products (Buyer)], then yes, the product will need to be created to be used on an ongoing basis.

To see if the product is already created or not, please follow the below steps;

  1. From 'Dashboard', go to [Catalogues], [My Informal Products (Buyer)], as below.

2. From this screen, informal products that have already been created in your Purchase Plus informal products list can be searched, and edited. Search by typing the name of the product in the 'Search for Informal Products' field and click the 'blue' magnifying glass icon. Edit by clicking the blue pencil icon on the line of the desired product.

If the desired product is not already created, please create a new Informal product. Check out this article for instructions, as well as our help document on the Informal Product Buy List Requisition Template.

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