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Q4, 2020
Release Notes - December 17th 2020
Release Notes - December 17th 2020

Please note that the contents of this release will not be published until 0700 Sydney time on the date outlined above.

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Bugs Squashed 🐛

1. Fix rebate comparison snapshot

An issue has been resolved where the calculations for spend on real invoices was not being generated.

Features Released 🚀

1. Reason required for declining a requisition

Previously, approvers could decline a Requisition without needing to supply a reason. This is now mandatory and is recorded in the comments tab of the Requisition.

2. Rounding adjustments to be sent to the Invoice header department

This change affects the following AP Export formats:

  • SUN System based CSV format (Triple Code, Single Vendor Line)

  • SUN Accor Vacation Club

  • SUN Sheraton Port Douglas

  • SUN Accor Vacation Club (Self Managed)

For any invoice payable files exported using any of the above formats new logic will apply when determining which rounding account code to use.

Scenario 1 - The AP system has no value set for Rounding Account

In this case the account code used will be taken from the invoice header.

Scenario 2 - The AP system does have a value set for Rounding Account

In this case the account used will be the rounding account specified in the AP system.

3. Recording and viewing comments on Pending Invoices

A user may now add a comment to a pending invoice. This can be used to pass information or ask questions regarding the invoice. Comments are restricted to 255 characters.

Comments may be marked as “private”, which means they are not viewable by anyone outside the organisation hierarchy of that user. Any comments added here will be sent to Marketboomer's internal invoice processing software.

Clicking a row allows a comment and the private flag to be set. Pressing enter will add the comment. If there are any comments/replies on the invoice, a message icon is displayed as seen below.

4. Amend

We've amended to provide you with our most LinkedIn and YouTube pages to keep updated on everything Purchase Plus!

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