This is because the previous Stocktake has not been completed. To complete a previous stocktake and start a current month stocktake, the previous month’s Stocktake needs to be closed off. Please follow the below steps, or check out this article for more information, Month End Process & Processing Stocktakes.

  1. From ‘Dashboard’, go to [Inventory] [Stock Locations].

2. Click on the required Stock Location name highlighted in ‘blue’.

3. Inside the Stock Location, click on [Stock Takes] tab, fourth tab from the left. Then click on the ‘Edit’ icon shown on the line of the open Stocktake, as below.

4. On the pop-up screen, click on the drop-down under ‘Period’ and change the month from previous to the current month. In this case October, to current month, in this case November, and click [Save].

Repeat for all applicable Stock Locations.

It is important to note if the ‘blue’ [Close] button is clicked, it is impossible to correct at that stage.

Also, when the Stocktake Variances are transferred out, please note the Period will be for the current month.

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