No, unfortunately not, but there are three options here, as below.

1. If the products are going to be ordered infrequently, create an Informal Requisition every time the products need to be ordered. Please check out this article, Create an Informal Requisition.

2. If the products will be ordered relatively regularly, Create a Self-managed Pricing Catalogue, or create an Informal product requisition buy list.

3. Another option is to request the Supplier signs a Supplier Agreement to become a Formal Supplier, and they will then upload your products. Please contact [email protected], if you would like assistance in signing a supplier up to Purchase Plus.

How do I check if they are an Informal Supplier?

1. From 'Dashboard', click on [Suppliers] [My Suppliers].

2. Type the name of the Supplier in the 'Search for Supplier Name' search field, and press [Search].

3. The name of the Supplier will appear.

If the line has a little blue [star] icon next to the name, this marks a Formal Supplier who holds a formal contract with Purchase Plus. If there is no star, this marks an Informal Supplier, as below.

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