To access any of the below snapshots, simply click the snapshot name to open this in Purchase Plus.

Market Share Summary

This report is only available to Market Share subscribers (see

for further information).

This snapshot displays your Sales compared to the Total Spend by the buyer by Category/Sub-Category for a given date range.


Purchaser Name

Purchaser Region Name

Category Name

Subcategory Name

Total Spend In Australian Dollars

Your Sales In Australian Dollars

All Sales Snapshot (*currently broken, under development)

Market Share Movement

This snapshot can be run on a week-by-week or month-by-month basis. This snapshot shows your overall Marketshare percentage with each buyer going back 12 weeks/months when the snapshot was created.

Purchaser Name

WtD (%)

Week 36 (%)

Week 35 (%)

Week 34 (%)

Week 33 (%)

Week 32 (%)

Week 31 (%)

Week 30 (%)

Week 29 (%)

Week 28 (%)

Week 27 (%)

Week 26 (%)

Market Share by Customer

This snapshot displays your Market Share percentage won at a product level for a given date range. This snapshot allows you to filter by the buyer, which can be a single buyer or by the group.

Pp Product Id





Sell Unit

Supplier Product Code

Catalogue Title

Unit Prices

Total Sold

Total Ordered


Percentage Won

Purchase Order By Customer

This snapshot displays a summary of all the Purchase Orders received for a given date range.

Po Number


Sent Date


Total Value

Total Tax Value

Total Value Ex Tax

Purchase Order By Product

This snapshot is the same as Purchase Order By Customer but at a product level.

Po Number


Sent Date

Supplier Product Code




Unit Price

Total Value Ex Tax

Line Tax

Total Value Inc Tax

Purchase Order Summary

This snapshot displays the number of Purchase Orders received and the total value from buyers for a given date range.

Purchaser Name

Total Value

Po Count

RFQ Winning Analysis

This snapshot displays the RFQ's that a supplier has participated in for a buyer. It also displays the RFQ awarded count and the Product awarded count.

Organisation Name

Participated Rfq Count

Awarded Rfq Count

Awarded Product Count

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