To access any of the below snapshots, simply click the snapshot name to open this in Purchase Plus.

Cluster Product Prices Paid (*currently broken, under development)

Cluster Savings (*currently broken, under development)

Product Contract Compliance

This snapshot displays which buyers are purchasing from the items from a selected buy list from a given date range. This snapshot can be run at a group level.





Unit Price

Spend Ex Tax

Total Spend

Product Saving By Purchaser

This snapshot displays the potential savings each buyer could save for a given date range based on the lowest price purchased for each item across the group.


Purchaser Name

Total Spend

Saving Potential

Spend Ratio

Product Savings

This is similar to the Product Saving By Purchaser snapshot. However, this snapshot breaks down the potential savings to a product level instead of the overall buyer.

Purchaser Name

Product Description

Saving Potential

Product Spend By Purchaser (*currently broken, under development)

Purchase Order Content Summary

This snapshot shows the summary of individual purchase orders placed by organisations given a specific date range. This snapshot can be run at a group level.

Purchase Order Number

Purchaser Name

Supplier Name

Requestor Name

Num Of Products

Num Of Open Items

Num Of Internal Comments

Num Of Attachments

Total Tax Value

Total Ex Tax

Sent Date

Supplier Spend By Purchaser (*currently broken, under development)

Who Bought What

This snapshot shows which buyer has bought what products from which supplier and whether it is from a preferred supplier for a given date range. An individual line will be displayed if the same product has been purchased at a different price. The snapshot also displays the lowest and highest price at the time of purchase. This snapshot can be run at a group level.



Sub Category




Item Pack

Sell Size


Po Line Qty

Po Line Net

Last Price Paid

Highest Price

Lowest Price

Preferred Supplier

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