This is very easy to do, please follow the below steps.

1. From 'Dashboard', go to [Documents] [Purchase Orders].

  • If the Purchase Order number is known, type the number into the 'Search for Purchase Orders' search field and click on the 'magnifying glass' icon, as below.

  • The date range can also be filtered to search for the Purchase Order. Click on the 'calendar' icon next to 'From' and 'To' delivery date, set the desired date ranges and click on 'magnifying glass' icon.

2. Once the desired Purchase Order shows, click on the [Goods Received note] (GR1234) or the 'green' truck to open the Purchase Order.

Note - if a Goods Received note is not there, or if the truck is 'blue', this means the Invoice was not receipted in when the physical goods were received. Receipt the Invoice, and follow the below steps. If the truck is 'yellow', that means the Invoice has been partially received, and can be received into inventory.

3. In the Purchase Order screen, click on the little 'calendar' icon and choose the date that you want to receive the goods into Inventory, as below.

Note - the date can be back dated to the date the physical goods were received, if necessary.

4. Click on the 'Destination' drop down box and select a Stock Location to assign the stock to. Once the date and Stock Location are selected a 'yellow' [Receive to Inventory] button will appear, as below, click to 'Receive to Inventory'.

Note - before commencing a new Stock take, all Goods Received notes must be processed as 'Receive to Inventory' if the stock is to be included in the Stock take. Check out this article for more information, End of month Process & Processing Stocktake).

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