1. From 'Dashboard', go to [Documents] [Requisitions].

2. Type the Requisition number in the [Search for Requisitions] field and [search].

  • If the Requisition number is not known, type in the name of the Supplier and [search].

  • The date range can also be filtered, to 'From' and 'To' delivery date, set the desired date ranges and [Search].

3. When the desired Purchase Requisition shows, click on the [Requisition number] shown in 'blue', to view the body of the Purchase Requisition.

4. Once inside the body of the Purchase Requisition, click on the [Purchase Order] tab (4th tab).

This tab will show you the Purchase Order generated from the Purchase Requisition. Note - the Purchase Order number is generated upon final approval of the Requisition. Until the Purchase Requisition is approved, the document will remain in 'Awaiting approval' status.

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