We have three Supplier status' in Purchase Plus, formal, informal and Non-member. Check out this information guide that explains more details on of our three Supplier status'.

A Formal Purchase Plus Supplier can be easily identified in Purchase Plus by the 'star' icon before their name.

To find out who is a Formal Supplier and if they are already added to your Accounts Payable hub, follow the below steps;

  1. Log into Purchase Plus

  2. Go to [Suppliers], [My Suppliers]

  3. In the 'Search for Supplier Name' field, type in the name of the Supplier you are looking for and hit 'enter' on your keyboard.

  4. If they are a formal Supplier, you will see the 'star' icon before their name.

If you need to add them to your Accounts Payable hub as a new Supplier, and you are not sure if they are a formal or informal supplier, follow the steps outlined here.

A formal Supplier is identified when adding them to your Accounts Payable hub by a note saying (managed by Marketboomer). If they do not appear in the pop up list when you search for them, they are an informal supplier.

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