Bugs Squashed 🐛

1. Closed and cancelled Purchase Orders appearing when matching an invoice

A number of users reported that closed and cancelled Purchase Orders were being presented when attempting to match an invoice to its applicable Purchase Order. This has now been fixed.

2. Invoice approval notifications not being sent

Previously, only users within the Department stated on the invoice would be notified of approval requirements. This has now been changed so that those users will continue to be notified as well as users at the property (hotel) level who will also be notified. In addition, approval emails will now include the approver's name in the body of the email.

3. Prevent spaces from being added to invoice numbers

A number of users reached out to flag what appeared to be duplicate invoice numbers in Purchase Plus. These invoices in fact contained a space at the beginning and/or end which allowed them to make their way into Purchase Plus. This loophole has now been removed.

4. Multi-selection of invoices for printing resulted in the same data being presented for all invoices

This has now been fixed.

Features Released 🚀

1. Reference column added to all invoice tabs

Previously, the 'Reference' column was only available on the Flagged and Reconciled tabs. This is now available across all tabs for easy access.

2. Category and sub-category field added to Price Paid Monthly Snapshot

A number of users requested that the category and sub-category fields should be added to the Price Paid Monthly Snapshot. This snapshot has now been amended to reflect these changes.

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