• the Approval User is part of a hub group (Accor, IHG, Crystalbrook, Iconic Hotels, PACE, etc.)

  • the Approval User is in the 'Parent' account in Purchase Plus

  • if the Approval User, is also set up as an Approver for Purchase Requisitions in the 'Child' accounts,

then the Approver will see and be able to Approve all Purchase Requisitions at the 'Parent' account level.

However, the 'Parent' Approver will not be able to see the quotes for the products. If the Approver needs to see the quotes or the number of quotes, the Approval process or viewing the Requisition(s) will need to be done at the 'Child' venue level.

Approver's view at 'Parent' level

Approver's view at 'Child' level

Please check out this article for further information, Approval Workflows.

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