There could be a couple of reasons for this.

  1. The Supplier may not have uploaded the product and pricing yet.

    Note - it generally takes 24 hours. Also, check with the Supplier what day they normally upload new products, as each Supplier has a different schedule.

  2. There may be 0/0 quotes against the product in 'My Suppliers' Source type Note - only pick the products that have at least 1/1 quotes displayed, check with Management if there are certain amounts of quotes per product required.

  3. Any of the below 'types' may be incorrect :

    1. Source Type - My Suppliers

    2. Source - Name of Supplier

    3. Search Type - Product Details

    4. Priced Only - Should be ticked

    5. Search Box - Search for the description of the product

4. The Supplier may not be set up in the Accounts Payable Hub yet. The Supplier needs to be set up and linked to either a ‘Self-managed’ or ‘Supplier Managed’ catalogue.

If a Supplier is a formal Supplier (Marketboomer Managed), ask the Supplier to assign a catalogue to the Organisation's account, or reach out to us on [email protected], and we will be more than happy to help.

For further insights, why not check out our articles to Create a Buy List, and Disable and Enable Suppliers on a Buy List.

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