Bugs Squashed 🐛

1. Inventory stock location custom sort not saving

A number of users reported that custom sort was not working within Inventory > Stock Locations. This has now been resolved.

2. Stock location export/import custom sort not working

Users with the applicable permissions can now export the stock levels in a stock location for use in importing updated values for 'Par Level' and 'Position' sorting.

The import imposes a number of validations:

  1. The number of rows in the import must equal the number of rows in the stock location (i.e. deleting or adding any rows in either place will cause the import to fail. This is so the positioning can be set correctly).

  2. There must exist a stock level that has the “stock_level_id” matching the row in the imported file.

The import only uses two values from the imported file:

  1. The “stock_level_id” to find the correct stock level.

  2. The “par_level” which will be used to update the existing value of that field on the stock level.

The sort position of the stock level is determined solely based on the ordering of the import file itself. A specific position cannot be entered for each row.

3. Change to Purchase Orders being presented when matching a Purchase Order to an Invoice

When viewing the list of potential Purchase Orders to match against an Invoice, only those Purchaser Orders with the exact Buyer will be available. Previously, depending on whom the user was, this presented Purchase Orders for all organisations the current user had access to.

4. Users permitted to use account codes not applicable to their department

Previously, some users could choose from account codes that did not relate to their department by changing the Department in the invoice header. Now, any amendment to the Department in the invoice header will only present the account codes associated with that Department.

5. Journal entry custom sort not saving

This has now been fixed and is saving as expected.

6. Opportunity Cost Order Details Snapshot not working

This has now been fixed and is performing as expected.

7. Restrict who can edit the Department and Account Code on a Purchase Order

Only users that have the permission to do so can now perform this action. See User Permissions - New Global Personas for further information.

Features Released 🚀

1. Our new Status Page

We've released a new Status Page for any unexpected Purchase Plus outages. Head on over to https://status.purchaseplus.com should you experience an outage to see if this applies to the wider network. As always, we're always happy to help via [email protected] 🎉

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