No, Purchase Plus does not permit the matching of multiple Purchase Orders to one invoice for customers using our Paperless Invoicing module. If you manually create your Invoices, click here.

When working with Suppliers, it is recommended to request that only one Purchase Order is used per invoice. You can, however, link multiple Invoices to one Purchase Orders. This is useful in circumstances such as back orders, out of stock items and special event orders placed in the past.

If the Invoice has already been processed with multiple Purchase Orders linked to the Invoice, a comment noting the Purchase Order numbers should be noted in the 'Comments' tab of the Purchase Order for reference.

Alternatively, you can request that the Supplier credits and reissues the Invoices with the correct Purchase Order numbers attributed. Check with your Finance team of the organisation to decide which option is best.

Linking a manual Invoice to multiple Purchase Orders

When creating your Invoice manually, add '-1, -2, -3' etc to the end of the Invoice number to proceed with creating an invoice that will still display when the Invoice number is searched for.

A copy of the Invoice must then be attached to the [Attachments] tab for reference, along with a comment stating the reason for the Invoice number adjustment.

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