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How do I verify if a product is from a Supplier's catalogue?
How do I verify if a product is from a Supplier's catalogue?
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A product can be checked to see if the product is from as Supplier's price list by following the instructions below.

1. Go to [Documents] - [Requisitions], open the [Purchase Requisition] using the Purchase Requisition number supplied to see the origin of the requisition.

2. Identify if the Purchase Requisition was derived from a [Buy List] or via [My Suppliers] option.

[My Suppliers] option will be identified in the Purchase Requisition as it will show the Supplier name as the origin, as above.

Alternatively, [Buy List] orders will show the [Buy List name] as the origin of the requisition.

3. If it is derived from a [Buy List], search for the product and check the quote for the product in the list.

  • If there is a quote, click on the quote count, and it will show the Suppliers who are quoting on it, as below.

Note: i.e. 4/4, meaning there are 4 out of 4 quotes in the system.

  • If there is no quote [i.e. 0/0] or if the Supplier who received the order is not showing to have a price for the product, search for the product by adding a product, as below.

4. In the [Pick a Product] pop up window, ensure the criteria are the same in the image below.

If the result says [Not found], it means that the product is not in the Supplier’s catalogue.

5. Send a request to the Supplier to upload a quote for the product, so you can purchase the product.

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