To write a note to the Supplier before sending out the Purchase Order to the Supplier, please follow the instructions below.

Note: notes or comments can be made on all Purchase Plus document screens.

1. From 'Dashboard', go to [Documents] [Requisitions] then click [+ Requisition].

2. In the pop-up window, choose the origin of the products from the [Use Products From] dropdown box.

  • Select the appropriate list from the dropdown box under [The List].

  • Check the 'Delivery address' field is correct.

  • Select the delivery date from the 'Calendar' icon box.

  • Ensure to tick 'Send to supplier' check box.

  • In the 'Reference' field, record an appropriate Reference as per your Organisation's requirements.

  • Click [Save].

3. Build the order as normal.

4. Click [Comments] tab as below.

5. Type your message in the 'Comments' field and click [Save].

Note: if the note is for an Internal department such as Finance, tick the 'Internal' check box. Otherwise, leave the box deselected, and the Supplier will see the message in the comments' section of the Purchase Order.

6. When ready, click [Submit] and the message is off to the Supplier with the Purchase Order!

Note: if the matter is urgent, it would be best to also call the Supplier, as well as add a comment.

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