There are a couple of different sections in Purchase Plus that can be checked to locate an Invoice electronically submitted.

If the Invoice hasn’t appeared in 'Flagged Invoices' or 'Reconciled Invoices' tabs as below, an easy search can be made to see if the Invoice has arrived in the account, but possibly in a different section.

  1. From [Dashboard] go to [Documents] [Invoices].

  2. Ensure all blue highlighted boxes are ticked as below.

  3. If the Invoice number or name of the Supplier is known, insert the Invoice number or name of the Supplier in 'Search for Invoices' field, and click the magnifying glass icon.

If the Invoice is already in the Account, the Invoice will show on this screen.

If the Invoice is 'Cancelled', and the Invoice needs to be reverted to 'Process' or needs to be deleted, please check out this article for more information How to process or delete an Invoice.

Note - Purchase Plus does not allow a duplicate of the same invoice, with the same Supplier, to be in the Purchase Plus.

However, if the Invoice is not in any of these sections of Purchase Plus, please contact Marketboomer Support, via the below channels.

c: Live Chat in program

e: [email protected]

t: 1300 411 014

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