Bugs Squashed 🐛

  1. Updating the 'Ordered Price' and fixing the display of old data for the Invoice Lines and Credit Note Lines snapshot that used this field.

    When Purchase Order lines were being matched to an invoice line, the system was not updating the 'Ordered Price' field, hence it was left empty. This is now fixed. Also, the snapshot will now ask the linked Purchase Order line for its unit price if the invoice line has no ordered price set. This will address users running the snapshot against older data.

  2. Handle Winc sending back no tax information on Punchout request.

    In some cases, Winc did not send back any tax data when users carried out a Punch Out request. This, in turn, would cause an error in Purchase Plus. Moving forward, if no tax data is received, Purchase Plus will assume it is zero instead.

Features Released 🚀

No new features have been released this week, but we're working behind the scenes so watch this space in our next release!

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