The User is still showing after they were deleted because they were not deleted from the Workflow roles before deleting their User Account. Purchase Plus did not recognise that they should be removed from the report.

To complete this task, please follow the below steps:

  1. From [Dashboard], go to [Settings] - [Approval Workflows] - [Roles]

2. Click on [Approval Workflow] - [Roles]

3. Click the 'View Icon'. All Users assigned to the Role will display.

4. Click on the [Edit] button of the specific User required, and a pop-up window will appear.

5. From that window, the User can be deleted from the Role or replaced with another User.

If the User is to be replaced, type the name or email address of the new User in the drop-down box and select the user.

If the User is to be deleted, click [Delete].

Note - the report can now be run again, and the Deleted User should not show on the 'Delegation of Authority' snapshot.

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