There are several possibilities why a product shows zero quotes in a Buy List, or a Purchase Requisition, even if multiple Suppliers have quoted on it.

Possible reasons could be;

1. The Supplier may have been disabled from an individual product on the Buy List.
Please check out this article for more information Disable and enable a Supplier for an individual product in a Buy List.

2. The Supplier has been disabled on the Buy List Please see this article for more information How to enable a Supplier on a Buy List.

3. The Supplier and catalogue are linked to the organisation's 'Parent' or hub account, but has not been linked to the 'Child' organisation's account. Please see this article, How to add a Supplier to your Account.

4. The Supplier has not been added on the Accounts Payable System as a Supplier.

[Note - The Supplier will not appear on the Supplier Catalogue Choices if the Supplier is not on the Accounts Payable System]. Please see this article for more information How to add a Supplier to your Accounts Payable System.

5. The Supplier may not have uploaded a quote to that exact product that is being ordered, or Purchase Plus upload is still processing. New products normally take 24 hours to upload to Purchase Plus once the Supplier has submitted a new product. [Note - most Supplier's have their own schedule for what day during the week they upload new products, best to check with the Supplier directly what their schedule is].

6. A product can potentially have several descriptions and pack sizes in a catalogue. Double check if the correct product has been chosen to be added to the Buy List, with at least 1/1 quotes against it. Please check out this article for more information, Create a Buy List .

If any of the above solutions have not resolved the issue, please drop Purchase Plus team a Live Chat message or email on [email protected], and we'll be more than happy to help.

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