What is a PDF Paperless Invoice?
It is any PDF invoice that is sent to your unique Purchase Plus Paperless Invoice email address, such as [email protected] / [email protected]. Purchase Plus only accepts invoices sent to this address in PDF format and cannot process invoices that arrive in any other format such as .txt, .csv and .docx for example.

What's the difference between an ePDF and a scanned PDF?

All PDF files start as an ePDF or a system-generated PDF. When you open these you can search and copy text. On the other hand, a scanned PDF is an image of the original ePDF that you've captured with a scanner and that no longer retains the embedded, searchable text.

What is changing?

When a PDF invoice is sent to your organisation's paperless invoice email address, Purchase Plus will process the document differently depending on whether the attachment is an ePDF invoice or a Scanned Paper Invoice. Scanned Paper Invoices will no longer contain the same level of line item detail as ePDF invoices generated by your Suppliers.

  1. ePDF Invoice
    - No change
    - All fields will be populated, including individual line items.

  2. Scanned Paper Invoices
    ‚Äč- You will not be able to receive these invoices to Inventory.
    - Only the following fields will be populated if the invoice is scanned:

- Invoice Number
- Invoice Date
- PO Number
- Tax Total
- Invoice Total

- Line item value summary displayed as one line each for taxable and non-taxable goods.

What will the change look like for me?

As Purchase Plus will no longer capture the line items on each Scanned Paper Invoice, it will instead display two summary line items as seen below, one being the sum of all items including tax and the other being the sum of all items excluding tax.

What are the benefits of my Suppliers sending ePDF invoices?

The following is an overview of the main benefits to you and your Supplier:

As a result of this change, all Scanned Paper Invoices (those printed, scanned/photocopied and emailed to [email protected]) will arrive in a 'Flagged' state as the invoice lines will not match to your Purchase Order lines. To ensure that you make use of the 3-way-matching functionality in Purchase Plus and to minimise any unnecessary approval of Flagged Invoices, we highly recommend that you actively reach out to your suppliers during this period of downtime and encourage them to start sending ePDF invoices directly to your organisation's paperless invoicing email address versus giving you a paper copy.

How will this help me and my team?

The current method of processing Scanned Paper Invoices can take a significant length of time and requires extensive manual intervention by the Marketboomer team. By encouraging your suppliers to send ePDFs directly to your paperless invoice address, it will appear in Purchase Plus with greater speed, allowing you to process your invoices with greater efficiency.

If you have any further questions about this change, please do let us know by dropping us a message on [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

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