1. Under [Catalogues] [Buy Lists] create a new Buy List by clicking the green [+] button. 

2. Name your Buy List and, if appropriate, set a default Department and Account Code. Then click [Save].

3. Click on [View] icon to view your new Buy List.

4. Click the green [+] button to add product or service descriptions to your template.

5. In the pop-up, search for an appropriate description and click the [Hand Picker] icon to add it to the Buy List.

Note - Unlike a regular Buy List, it is okay to choose descriptions with 0/0 quotes as we are going to enter the price, tax and Supplier information in every Requisition we raise using this Buy List.

6. If you can't find a suitable description, close the 'pick a product' pop-up window, navigate to the [Informal Product] tab and click the green [+] button to create a new informal product description.

In the pop-up, complete the necessary fields and click [Save].

Navigating back to the [Catalogued Products] tab, you'll now see that your products have been added to your Buy List!

Raising a Requisition using your Buy List template

Your non-operating departments such as Engineering and Sales & Marketing can now use this Buy List as a template, only having to input price, tax and Supplier information in order to create their requisition. 

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