Watch standard training sessions that have been recorded for you in March 2022.

The content of each video is outlined with a timestamp and references the applicable help guides.

1. Overview of PurchasePlus Training

Watch video recording: here

Duration: 45 mins


- Access to PurchasePlus

- Log in to your account

- Help Centre & Live Chat

- Help Guides

- In-app Self-Help

- Suppliers

- View your Suppliers & Catalogues

- View Paperless Invoicing Email Address

- Self-Managed Pricing & Buy Lists

- Creating a Self-Managed Pricing Catalogue

- Create an Informal Product Description

- Create a Buy List

2. Requisitions, Purchase Orders & Receiving Training

Watch video recording: here

Duration: 41 mins


- Requisitions & Purchase Orders

- Create a Requisition from a Buy List

- Approve & Decline Requisitions

- Send Purchase Orders

- Create an Informal Requisition


- Receive Goods Against a Purchase Order

- Cancel or close a Purchase Order

3. Paperless Invoicing Training

Watch video recording: here

Duration: 12 mins


- View Paperless Invoicing Email Address under [Suppliers] - [My Suppliers]

- Send invoices to PurchasePlus

- Why Invoices Flag

- Manually match Purchase Orders and Invoices & Match multiple Invoices to one Purchase Order

- Approving Flagged Invoices

- Processing Reconciled Invoices

4. Super User/ Admin Training

Watch video recording: here

Duration: 40 mins


- Accounts Payable Hub

- Processing Reconciled Invoices

- Adding a Supplier

- Restrict or enable Account Codes by Department, for Invoice linking, raising Requisitions, etc

- Requisition Approval Workflow

- Creating an Approval Workflow & Create a Role for Approval Workflows

- Skip Approval if over Max Value

- Invoice Approval

- Setting-up Flagged Invoice Approvers

- User Admin

- Adding a New User

- User Permissions

- Turn Notifications On or Off

- Snapshots

- Reporting Snapshots

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