Note - Requisition Over Budget Approval is only necessary if your organisation has this feature turned on.

Requisition Budget Approval

When a Requisition is raised, if there is a budget defined for the Department and Account Code the remaining Budget will be displayed in the header.

If the number displayed is black, there is budget remaining, if the number displayed is red, there is budget overspend.

If the requisition is under budget then the [Approve] button will behave as normal.

If the requisition is over budget, the [Approve] button will not be shown unless a user overrides the budget See: Decline Over Budget section below.

Once the requisition reaches its final approval then the 'Spent' and 'Remaining' amounts on the budget will be updated.

Approve Over Budget

If a Requisition submitted will cause an overspend of the Budget and the user has the permission to override the budget, they will see an [Approve Over Budget] button.

Note - that the Requisition must be submitted before this option will appear.

The user can either Decline, Cancel or Approve Over Budget. If the user decides to Approve the Over Budget spend, a reason must be supplied in the pop-up.

The Budget Over Spend has now been approved.

Decline an Over Budget

If it is decided that the Over Budget spend is not allowed (or incorrect), the Over Budget spend can be declined.

The Over Budget Spend can also be declined by amending the Requisition to a value below the remaining Budget.

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