1. To download an import template, export your current Budgets from Purchase Plus. See: Export Budgets.

The import must contain at a minimum the following columns:

  • account_code - The code of the account that the Budget applies to.

  • department_name - The name of the Department the Budget applies to.

  • department_code - The code of the department that the Budget applies to.

  • year - The year the Budget applies to.

  • month - The month the Budget applies to (must be a number, not a name).

  • amount - The $ amount of the Budget.

2. Go to [Budgets] [Imports]  then click the green [+] button.

In the pop-up, [Browse] for the import file and click [Save].

2. Your import state will show as 'Open.' Wait a few seconds before refreshing your page until the state shows as 'Complete'.

Your Budgets have now been imported.

Note - Some importing rules:

  • If the minimum set of fields above is not provided the import will fail.

  • The same account_code and department_code combination cannot appear more than once for the same month and year in a single import.

  • If the current user does not have access to the account and / or department in the file the import will fail.

  • If the account and / or department cannot be found using the given codes the import will fail.

  • If no amount is given then the corresponding amount on the Budget in the system will be set to 0 (if a Budget can be found).

  • If a new Budget is created the system will look for any requisitions that were approved during the given year and month and set the 'Spent' and 'Remaining' values accordingly.

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