As a Supplier, we have several types of reports that we can generate through Purchase Plus:

  • All Sales Snapshot

  • Marketshare by Customer (Subscription required)

  • Purchase Order by Customer

  • Purchase Order by Product

  • Purchase Order Summary

For this example, we will be showing you how to generate a 'Purchase Order Summary' report. You can repeat the same steps below for any other snapshot you would like to run.

For extra information on creating a 'Marketshare by Customer' snapshot, please scroll to the end of this article.

1. From the main menu, click on [Dashboards], [Snapshots].

2. On the right hand side, as below, click on the snapshot you want to run, for example 'Purchase Order Summary'.

3. Up the top left of your screen, click on the green '+ Purchase Order Summary' button.

4. In the pop-up window, populate the below information;

  • Start date - click on the 'calendar' icon to choose your start date ie. 01/01/22 (required field)

  • End date - click on the 'calendar' icon to choose your end date ie. 01/02/22 (required field)

  • Purchaser - type the name of a purchaser in the field highlighted, and choose from the drop down, or leave it blank and the report will pull all purchasers for the chosen period (not a required field)

Note - To ensure optimal performance of Purchase Plus, Snapshot Reports are limited to 5,000 lines each, typically about a 1 or 2 month period. If you need a report with more than 5,000 lines, our recommendation is to create several smaller, sequential reports and later merge them in a spreadsheet.

5. The report will now show as 'Processing', under 'Export File Name' section. After a few seconds, refresh the page. The status will now change to 'Download'.

You can view the report through Purchase Plus by clicking on the 'eye' icon under 'Look', or you can download a .csv version to your computer by clicking 'Download'.

6. When the csv. download appears, normally on the bottom left of your screen, click on it to open and save your report for analysis. Done!

Marketshare by Customer Snapshot

Please note - if you don't have access to the Marketshare report (the link will show as grey in your Snapshots screen) you may not have subscribed to the package that includes this report, or you may not have the permission set up in your user account. Please reach out to our friendly Customer Success team for more information at [email protected].

1. Follow the above steps 1 -3.

2. In the pop up window populate the below information:

  • Purchaser - type the name of a purchaser in the field highlighted, and choose from the drop down, or leave it blank and the report will pull all purchasers for the chosen period (required field).

  • Rolled Up - tick the checkbox if multiple purchasers are applicable (only the case if a purchaser group is selected eg Accor, Panthers Australia) then rather than seeing each purchaser listed separately in the results, all the data is grouped together (not a required field).

  • Start date - click on the 'calendar' icon to select your start date ie. 01/01/22 (required field).

  • End date - click on the 'calendar' icon to select your end date ie. 01/02/22 (required field).

  • Regions - click on the drop down to select the region applicable. The options here are dependent on which purchaser is selected (required field).

  • Categories - tick which product categories to filter the results by. You can leave it blank to select all categories (not a required field).

  • Description - (scroll to the end of the pop up screen) type in a description of what the snapshot contains as a reminder if you wish (not a required field).

3. Click 'Save' and continue on as per steps 5 & 6 above. You can now apply your filters to the raw data spreadsheet, and analyse as required.

Here's a breakdown of what that all means...remember, this report does not show competitors data, prices, catalogue names, or any sensitive information.





Pp Product Id

Purchase Plus Product Identification number is assigned to every item created in Purchase Plus. This identification number is vital to track the item for pricing/ordering/reporting purposes



Main group the item belongs to


Sub category

Secondary group the item belongs to (this can be blank)



Brand of the item (this can be blank)



Brief product description of the item


Sell Unit

Number of units per pack/carton/each etc.


Supplier Product Code

Product code the supplier has assigned the item in Purchase Plus (this can be blank)


Catalogue Title

Name of the catalogue you have added the item to (this will not show competitors data)


Unit Prices

Price of the item that you have assigned in Purchase Plus


Total Sold

Total quantity of items sold for the selected period


Total Ordered

Total quantity of items ordered with you by your customers for the selected period



Ranking or position of the item, (ie 1, 2, 3 etc.) out of the total number of items shown on the report


Percentage Won

Total percentage (%) of the share of the marketplace your organisation has won for the period, product and customer you have selected when creating the report

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