As a Supplier you have several types of reports you can generate through Purchase Plus, such as:

  • All sales snapshot

  • Purchase Order Summary

  • Purchase Order by Customer

  • Purchase Order by Product

  • RFQ Winning Analysis

For the purpose of this example we will be showing you how to generate a "Purchase Order Summary" report.

Step 1. From the main menu, select [Dashboards] -  [Snapshots].

Step 2. The Snapshots window will show you all the different types of snapshot reports you can generate. Click on [Purchase Order Content Summary Snapshot] from the list

Step 3. Click on [+ Purchase Order Content Summary] in the top left corner.

Step 4. A pop up screen will appear where you will need to fill in the required fields – for the purpose of generating this report we will need to fill in the following fields:

  • Start Date 

  • End Date 

Then click [Save] to continue. 

Note: To ensure optimal performance of Purchase Plus, Snapshot Reports are limited to 5,000 lines each. If the above pop up window expands to fill the screen, it means there are more than 5,000 line items in the report, and therefore has caused an error. If you need a report with more that 5,000 lines, our recommendation is to create several smaller, sequential reports and later merge them in Excel.

Step 5. The report will now show as "Processing." After a few seconds, refresh the page. You can now view the report through Purchase Plus by clicking on the [Eye] icon or you can download a .CSV version to your computer by clicking [Download].

If you have chosen to download the version to your desktop, you will need to locate the file on your computer.

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