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Q: What does OCR Paperless Invoicing do?
A: It will allow scanned PDF invoices to be transmitted into Purchase Plus for processing as Paperless Invoices without having to enter the data manually.

Q: Can I scan Credit Notes?
A: No, credit notes are not supported by Paperless Invoices.  
Click here for the Create Credit Note help guide.

Q: Can I scan any Invoice and send it into Purchase Plus?
A: Yes, however the invoice format will need to be mapped before it can be sent into Purchase Plus

Q: How do I get a supplier's invoice mapped within Purchase Plus?
A: Contact [email protected] with a copy of the invoice attached to the email. Six invoices are required for each supplier to ensure successful mapping.

Q: Where do I find the email address to send scanned PDF invoices to?
A: The address can be found under [Suppliers] [My Suppliers] search for the supplier named “Marketboomer”.  The one email address can be used for all supplier invoices. The address is unique to your Purchase Plus Buyer Account.

Q: Can Suppliers send PDF Invoices directly into Purchase Plus?
A: Yes, as long as their invoice format has been mapped. They will be created as paperless invoices and appear in the same way as your scanned invoices, with either a Flagged or Reconciled status, ready to be processed. (See: Process Reconciled Invoices or Approve Flagged Invoices)

Q: I’ve scanned a new Supplier’s Invoice, why don't I see it in Purchase Plus?
A: There can be a number of reasons, we suggest contacting [email protected] with the invoice number and or attachment. The support team will help to resolve the issue regardless of the cause.

Q: What does OCR stand for?
A: OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Its a technology that recognises text within a digital image.  In this case the characters are transformed into the invoice data within Purchase Plus.

Q: Why can’t I map my own invoices?
A: The Purchase Plus team currently manage this process in house, though in the future we would like to extend this function to superusers.

Q: Can I use a flatbed scanner?
A: You can use a flatbed scanner, but it will provide inconsistent and inaccurate results. We recommend using a scanner with an automatic document feeder. 

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