Please make sure all scanner requirements are met and ensure you follow all the steps on how to scan to extract invoice information accurately.

How to send documents:

  1. Use the "to" section of the email, "cc" and "bcc" will not work.

  2. The email address (PIEA) can be found at Suppliers> My Suppliers, the one address is for all informal suppliers.  

  3. The ABN / Business Number within P+ is used to identify the supplier. Without it the invoice will fail back to a human intervention queue.

  4. Only PDF documents are supported.

  5. PDF file must be unlocked/not password protected.

Scanner Requirements:

  • Scanner resolution, 300DPI will give best results.

  • Scan in colour or greyscale, black & white is not recommended.

  • A scanner equipped with an automatic document feeder (ADF) will make the physical scanning process faster at your end.

Tips for best quality scans:

  • One invoice per PDF file.

  • Invoices must be unaltered, no secondary pen marks or stamps.

  • Page layout, use portrait orientation.

  • Avoid using the zoom on the scanner. Scan the document in its native size and dimensions.

  • Ensure (flatbed) scanner glass is clean, following the scanner instructions, use a cleaning solution and a lint-free cloth regularly.

  • Ensure documents are square and neatly stacked on the document feeder. Non-square documents may result in cropped data (invoice number/date etc) within the scanned PDF file.

  • Load slightly fewer documents in the scanner feeder than the scanner's listed capacity. For example, if the feeder is for max 20 pages scan 15 pages at a time.

  • Double check there are no staples, clips etc.

  • Try a blank page between each invoice, some scanners can separate each invoice to a separate file by inserting a blank page between each invoice. This will allow you to scan more than one invoice at a time while still achieving one invoice per file.

  • Hand written invoices cannot be successfully read, these need to be created manually within P+, check out the below guide.
    Invoice without Purchase Order

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