Please make sure all scanner requirements are met and ensure you follow all the steps on how to scan to extract invoice information accurately.

Note: The Supplier ABN / Business Number recorded in Purchase Plus is used to identify the supplier. Without it, the invoice will fail back to a human intervention queue.

Scanner Requirements:

  • Scanner resolution, 300DPI will give best results.

  • Scan in colour or grey scale, black & white is not recommended.

  • A scanner equipped with an automatic document feeder (ADF) will make the physical scanning process faster at your end.

Tips for best quality scans:

  • One invoice per PDF file.

  • Invoices must be unaltered, no secondary pen marks or stamps.

  • Page layout, use portrait orientation.

  • Avoid using the zoom on the scanner. Scan the document in its original size and dimensions.

  • Ensure (flatbed) scanner glass is clean, following the scanner instructions, use a cleaning solution and a lint-free cloth regularly.

  • Ensure documents are square and neatly stacked on the document feeder. Non-square documents may result in cropped data (invoice number/date etc) within the scanned PDF file.

  • Load slightly fewer documents in the scanner feeder than the scanner's listed capacity. For example, if the feeder is for max 20 pages, scan 15 pages at a time.

  • Double check there are no staples, clips etc.

  • Try a blank page between each invoice, some scanners can separate each invoice to a separate file by inserting a blank page between each invoice. This will allow you to scan more than one invoice at a time while still achieving one invoice per file.

  • Handwritten invoices cannot be successfully read, these need to be created manually within P+, check out the below guides. Create a Manual Invoice against a Purchase Order and
    Create a Manual Invoice without Purchase Order

How to send invoices:

1. In order to send an invoice, attach the Invoice as PDF to an email and send the invoice to your specific Paperless Invoicing Email Address (PIEA).

2. To find your hotel's email address, in Purchase Plus, go to [Suppliers], [My Suppliers]. The Paperless Invoicing Email Address should be in its own column (same for each supplier):

If you cannot see this column, hover on any of the other table headers and click the arrow to select which columns are available.

3. Once you have the email address, simply compose an email and attach the PDF.

4. Once the email has left your 'Sent' folder, it should shortly appear under the [Invoices] - [Pending] tab. Once the Purchase Plus Invoicing Platform has processed the information from the scanned invoice, the invoice will appear under [All Invoices].

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