Purchase Orders

As a Supplier, you will be receiving copies of Purchase Orders to your elected email address. However, there may be occasions where you need to check the Purchase Orders within Purchase Plus.

In [Customer Documents,] [Customer Orders,] you can see all Purchase Orders generated in Purchase Plus. Click on the Document number to open the Purchase Order.

There are two main things to note:

Transmitted - Normally, the transmitted box will be ticked, this means that a copy of the PO has been emailed to your elected email address. If this box is unticked, this means that the customer decided not to send a copy of the PO to you. This is normally because they either phoned in the order or are creating the PO retroactively and need to have documentation in the system.

Purchase Price -If there is a tick in the Purchaser Price column it means that the product and price information is NOT coming from your catalogued products in Purchase Plus and that the customer has manually entered some or all of this product line information into the system manually (product description and/or price.) ON the emailed copy of the PO this information is denoted as an asterisk(*)


Go to [Customer Documents,] [My Invoices] to view all the Invoices linked to your account.

Here you can see the state of the invoices as well as the method it was entered into Purchase Plus. This is especially useful if you are a Paperless Invoice Supplier and want to check that you Invoices have successfully dropped into Purchase Plus.

You can tell if an Invoice was created manually or Paperlessly by looking at the Invoicer column. If manually entered, this will show the name of the person who entered the Invoice into Purchase Plus. If, however, this column shows something like 'Paperless Invoice Autoprocessor' this indicates that the Invoice was created Paperlessly.

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