In the example below, we want to mark the invoice as processed, without processing the invoice via Purchase Plus

1. In a spreadsheet, in Column A, insert a column header 'Invoice Number' and in Column B 'Supplier Code

2. In column A, input the invoice number you want to push to a 'Processed' state


3. In column B, input the Supplier's Vendor ID from your accounts payable system.

4. Save this file in .CSV format.

Note: If the invoice number or the Supplier Number starts with 0, you will need to change the cell format to "text" to maintain these 0s.

5. In Purchase Plus, go to [Settings] [Accounts Payable] [View]

6. In the [Invoice Paid files] tab, click the green [+ Invoice Paid Files] button. 

7. Browse for the file you just created and click [Save]

8. The import will show as 'processing.' Wait a few seconds before refreshing your browser page. The import will then show as 'complete.' If there have been any import errors, these will show in the [Messages] column.

9. Your Invoice has now been changed to processed without processing it through Purchase Plus.

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