The Marketboomer Invoice Uploader allows suppliers to submit invoices to Marketboomer customers such as Accor and IHG in Australia.

Getting started

Getting started is a simple process:

  1. Download the InvoiceUploader and sample files

  2. Install the InvoiceUploader.exe application on your computer (Windows-only).

  3. Export invoices from your accounting system in the required format. The invoices can either be in MYOB's Item Sales format or in a Generic format. You can see samples of each format when you click the link in point 1 above.

  4. Submit invoices in Test mode using the Invoice Uploader to ensure your format is correct.

Once you've confirmed that you can send invoices in Test mode, you just need to set up the invoicing addresses for each of your customers. You can view the invoicing address for each customer by logging into Purchase Plus and clicking "My Customers".

If you don't have a login to Purchase Plus, please contact to get your login details.

The only remaining step is to set the Invoice Uploader to Production mode. To do so, you need to Sign up to a plan. Our support staff will then send you your Invoice Uploader Production Token and you can start sending electronic invoices.


The benefits of sending invoices electronically are that:

  1. you can see the status of all of your invoices, and

  2. if you opt into the Fast Payment Network, you can get paid within a week.

If you have any questions, please email or call us on 1300 411 014.


Q: Does the InvoiceUploader work with any accounting / billing software?

A: Your software needs to be able to export in Excel or CSV format. If you use MYOB, we have prepared our MYOB-specific format called ITEMSALES.TXT which is a report that can be generated directly from most versions of MYOB.

Q: What fields are required for the generic Invoice Uploader format?

A: The generic Invoice Uploader format allows users of any accounting package that can export a CSV or Excel file to submit invoices electronically.

The fields required are shown in the screenshot below:

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