Marketboomer customers are requesting that their Suppliers start sending Paperless Invoices. Doing so saves them significant time and effort processing and paying suppliers.

Suppliers benefit because there are no more lost invoices, and they can see the status of every invoice, as well as having the opportunity to join the Fast Payment Network.

Three ways to send Paperless Invoices

You may choose one of the following options below to send Paperless Invoices to your customers:

1. PDF – setup fee of $285 for mapping and $1 per invoice to convert them (first 5 invoices free per month). This is mainly if you send less than 30 invoices per month to Accor and IHG hotel groups. Contact us to get started.

If you choose PDF and later decide to switch over to the invoice uploader, then you will be credited with 6 months of the uploader fee.

2. The Invoice Uploader - The uploader facilitates the transfer of invoice files from your Back office Finance system to Marketboomer for multiple hotels in a single process. This is for organisations that are in between the two but still have a larger volume of invoices to send per month. There is a fixed fee for use of the Invoice Uploader of $29 per month. You can view more information on the Invoice Uploader by clicking this link.

3.API method – connecting directly to the Purchase Plus system. No ongoing costs but requires some development on your part to set up. This is for large organisations who have their own development resources that can set this up and can self-manage their own invoicing solutions. You can view more information on the API clicking this link.

For more information or to start the sign-up process, please contact

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